1. Once the project has been approved, a 50% down payment is supposed to be paid either by cash or bankers Cheque for the project to commence. This is to ensure the client has committed himself to the project. In case the client happens to change his mind or decides that the project be discontinued or to hire someone else all the same, this amount of money is not refundable.


2. In case of delay in project completion due to failure or delay to give the relevant details, content letters or signatures that may be required to develop this application, Wivup Online will not be held responsible


3. Wivup Online shall not be held responsible for the following issues

a) The use or inability to use the service after it has been approved;

b) The cost of procurement of substitute goods or services resulting from any goods, data, information or services purchased or obtained or messages
received or transactions entered into or from your services through the system.

c) Unauthorized access to or alteration of the transmission of data Statements or misconduct of any third party on the application

d) Loss of data or information that may read to loss of money

e) Any other matter relating to the Application


We comply with applicable laws and professional ethics and the company set of code of regulations at all the levels of administration any time we are in business. We address social issues that pertain to our society responsibly and work with an intention of preserving natural resources so as to invest in a healthy environment

Our Vision

To become the largest and most reliable company offering online and open source solutions to its clients globally


Our Mission

Advocate use of Open Source Information Technology Products and Online resources, while providing competitive support services to our clients. Donate and support community based programs and charitable organizations.

We invest all our resources to be expects and outstanding in all the technology areas necessary for our success by providing our clients the best services in the market. We treat our clients as partners and are patient to understand their needs and respond well and live to our commitments. We are always out to serve our clients hence we treat them with fairness, respect and always honor our commitments. Lastly we provide consistent with our ever improving productivity.

In the current economic climate, organizations have to review and rationalize expenses associated with all enterprise software. As a direct consequence, open source solutions are emerging as an important choice for new as well as existing Companies and organizations. Even though most analyst research indicates that its evolution may have been understated thus far, open source is growing rapidly. Open source solutions have already been proved to complement and integrate well with traditional environments. In their own right, open source applications offer competitive technologies and present the irrefutable advantage of cost savings.

Due to the cost associated with licensing of most commercially available products, organizations are looking to Open Source Solutions. Unfortunately the knowledge required for migrating and integrating IT infrastructure with Open Source Solutions is inadequate in most IT departments. By providing these solutions at an affordable cost, Wivup Online hopes to increase this knowledge of low cost viable alternatives to existing commercial solutions.